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Therapeutic Research Programmes

GreenLight Medicines Ltd. currently has 9 therapeutic research and development programmes based across 4 research intensive universities in Ireland and the UK. We have carefully selected the very best research groups to conduct pre-clinical research across the 3 core disease areas we target:

  1. Cancers including prostate, ovarian and breast,
  2. Neurological conditions including epilepsy, alzheimers and addiction, and
  3. Inflammatory or immune related conditions including arthritis and arthritis-related depression, eye disease and diabetes

In early 2019 we have also established a plant biology programme to breed strains of plants with optimal mixtures of compounds. We plan to open a dedicated laboratory by mid 2019 to purify and screen compound mixtures, prior to pre-clinical testing in each research programme.

To date investment in research including co-funder contributions is € 3.26 million, with € 1. 25 million vested directly by GreenLight Medicines Ltd.