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Therapeutic Areas – Inflammatory Disease

Ulster University currently hosts a cell based model of arthritis which allows GreenLight Medicines Ltd. to test the effects of plant-derived compounds on immune and nervous system cells. This programme will provide important pre-clinical evidence of compound efficacy against inflammation and pain components which immune system cells contribute to and is co-funded by the UK Department for the Economy.

A strategically aligned research programme at UCD will examine therapeutic potential of plant compounds upon diminished mental health as a result of chronic inflammation (within an in vivo model of arthritis). The Irish Research Council is co-funding this project which is due to commence in the spring of 2019.

An expert group, who have established a novel inflammatory eye disease research platform at UCD, will start our ophthalmology research programme in spring 2019. In autumn of 2019 we will launch a research programme at Ulster University to investigate the endocannabinoid receptor system of the pancreas, as a potential target to induce anti-diabetic pathways. This programme also incorporates a pilot in human nutritional trial.

GreenLight Medicines Ltd. plan to conduct clinical trials in 2020 on inflammatory and immune related conditions with lead compounds showing efficacy in the pre-clinical research programmes.