Our Management Team

Our senior management team comprises highly experienced pharmaceutical professionals with the necessary skills and expertise to take new medicines from early stage research to clinical development, regulatory approval, commercial manufacture and distribution.

Dr. James Linden
Dr. James LindenFounder / Chairman of the board
James achieved his PhD in Biochemistry in the Department of Ophthalmology, Queens University Belfast. After a year of researching Alzheimer’s Diseases as a Post-Doc in Neuroscience, Trinity College Dublin), James left the academic world and moved into pharmaceutical sales. After gaining sales experience he then went on to form his own generic drug company in Ireland called Éireceutica Ltd. Here he learned many skills and attributes which he has carried forth into his latest brain-child, GreenLight Medicines. As a scientist and a pharma expert James had the perfect skill set to build GreenLight’s world-beating research network and also to identify which products should be developed and which markets they should be developed for.
Patrick Deasy
Patrick Deasy CEO / CFO
Patrick Deasy has spent 20 years as CEO and CFO of international clinical research organisations (CROs) during which time he was responsible for the development and integration of international operations in Germany, the Netherlands, the UK, Spain, Hungary and South Africa
Dr. Le Roy Dowey
Dr. Le Roy DoweyCOO
Dr Le Roy Dowey has joined GreenLight from a long and diverse career within Ulster University where he has worked closely with academics, clinicians, local councils, InvestNI, companies, entrepreneurs and funding agencies. He has worked with a wide range of companies from SMEs to multinationals to deliver Innovation Vouchers and Commercial Contract Research, including nutritional and clinical trials. Since 2012 Le Roy has worked with colleagues to deliver major research and innovation funding (over £17.5m) into the University and NI.

After an initial five year period in the food industry, Le Roy returned to academic studies; he holds a BSc (Hons) in Biochemistry from Queen’s University Belfast and obtained his PhD in Nutritional Biochemistry studying the effects of nutrition on the immune function in adult Cystic Fibrosis patients at Ulster University in 2003. Le Roy held a number of Post-Doctoral research positions within the Biomedical Sciences Research Institute (BMSRI) before being appointed as the Institute’s Quality Assurance Officer (QAO). Whilst employed as a QAO he set up and developed the Core Facility Units which support academic and commercial research. In February 2015 he was appointed Commercial Manager at C-TRIC (Clinical Translational Research Innovation Centre) where he has worked closely with the Western Health and Social Care Trust, Ulster University, DCSDC, NWRC, lnvestNI, and local companies, entrepreneurs and agencies to develop economic growth and supply bio-business support and advice. Dr Dowey was then appointed as the Business Development Manager at Ulster University’s BMSRI where he managed an expert team of Scientific Assistants/Officers and the Core Facility Units within the institute.

Le Roy joined the GreenLight Team in June 2018 as Director of Corporate Development and has now moved to the position of Chief Operations Officer.

Dr. David Gibson
Dr. David GibsonCSO
Dr David Gibson is a biochemist with over 15 years of experience in arthritis clinical research. He is passionate about finding new ways to treat and monitor adult and childhood forms of arthritis, so that pain and long term disability can be reduced. Dr Gibson has over 50 internationally recognised publications, including patents and book chapters and has held research posts in both the USA and UK.

He was awarded a prestigious fellowship in 2010 by Arthritis Research UK to perform diagnostics research in the University of Colorado, Denver, USA. He holds a PhD from Queen’s University Belfast, awarded in 2001 for work on drugs to reduce spread of brain cancers.

In his role as Chief Scientific Officer he oversees the translation of lab based research, via rigorous clinical trials, to novel treatments for a wide range of chronic conditions. His personal research focus with GreenLight Medicines is to identify phytocannabinoids which reduce pain and inflammatory signalling most effectively, in collaboration with Ulster University.

Rory Scullion
Rory ScullionDirector of Business Development
Rory joined GreenLight in 2017. He has a strong background in FMCG sales and marketing with a strong focus on developing sales strategy. He has worked as a sales consultant for several companies while also growing his own small wholesale company.

Rory started as part of GreenLight’s first sales team, overseeing the launch of GL products into Irish pharmacies. He is now part of the management team and is focused on growing the GreenLight brand in Ireland & the UK as well as introducing it to new markets in Europe and beyond.